Why do you paint?

I am compelled to paint. It works like a search engine for finding who I am. When the marks of the paint makes sense and the visual balance resonates with me, I find peace. Creating art is how I find answers to my puzzle. If I wasn't a painter I might write songs or be a chef.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by all things that appeals to all my senses and that includes music, food, nature & ENERGY! I think I am in search of the 6th sense. I have a huge admiration to other artists work. Composers, Chefs, and Painters all have given me so much Joy and a love for life. The beauty of the ocean, the mountains, raindrops. green trees, flowers, bees, our dogs, my family. I love food and smells and music. I like to travel and see new places, especially old places with some history. I love to learn how things work and continue to be curious always. 

Why do you paint in a series?

Having a theme to focus on works well to make the first mark. It just gives you that "push" to begin. I am extremely prone to distraction. I can switch gears with no issues and that has served me well being a mother of six. However, laying out a plan for a body of work in my studio can sometimes be very random. I can paint one day in Oil and the next in varied mixed media these days mostly in water soluble media). With the perimeters of sticking to one idea, I find myself somewhat more productive. I do struggle to stay in the corral so to speak. I used to be very self critical that I was this way. I no longer see it as a detriment but rather a secret weapon. 

Why Abstract and what is it?

Painting an abstract is just so so so SO amazing. I see it like this: It has a rhythm, it has a heart beat. The first marks are nice and then a bit of panic sets in with the messy stage. It then has a metaphorical "clean up on aisle 5" that brings it all home. AND if not, I patiently walk away and start again the next day. I do not really have a choice because I feel that I am compelled to get it right. There is a feeling when I know it has the right balance and weight and just appeals to my sense of completion. Then I need to start another one.

If you want to know about abstract art I have some resources for you. I love to read about it. The best thing I have read that really resonated for me and how to describe is this: you look at it the same way you would listen to music. You just listen and let it wash all over you. Not everyone likes the same song, tune or sound and abstract art can have the same effect. When I truly understood this for the first time I really began to have more confidence in my work and I was able to work harder at it. It is coming from me and not everyone is going to like me and that is completely okay. 

Do you paint Commissions? 

I love new projects and would love to hear from you about one. We can talk on Zoom or in person and have a "meet up" for what that painting might be. We will go over a brief list of questions to help you and I discover which direction to go regarding colors and theme. You will be able to be involved with the process at planned time intervals to contribute with your preferences. I will not ask for a deposit. My request is that if you are not 100% happy with the result I would be able to sell the work in my shop. At this time I am only doing abstract works. Please call me or send me an email to begin.

My work phone number is 720-375-4731


Things you may not know about me:

  • I once really wanted to be on SNL.
  • Dancing happens often in my studio, it really helps me paint. 
  • I am a proud mother of 6, 3 girls and then 3 boys. 
  • Dog mom & dog and cat grandma. 
  • Après ski tailgate with sour beer and homemade sandwiches is my choice. 
  • Raindrops on my head reminds me to be grateful. 
  • I consider seeing the ocean and/or swimming in the ocean as an essential vitamin. Must consume salt salt and sand from time to time. 
  • Singing was my first creative love, playing the piano and guitar. I wanted to be a lead singer in a band. (when I was 14, my guitar teacher said I sounded just like Stevie Nicks) Shoulda, Coulda, didn't, oh well. 
  • Huge fan of cooking shows. Food presentation is everything. If it is not pretty on the plate I lose my appetite.
  • Bad lighting at restaurants ruins the meal.
  • Golf, Check!, Driving a golf cart, Check! Pickleball, Check
  • I cannot pick a favorite color at this moment. 
  • I think I have eyes on the side of my head and it is very distracting.