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I am a Wife and Mom and supervisor of 2 dogs. We live in the beautiful state of Colorado, surrounded by the grand rocky mountains and the magical bursting city of Denver. I am very fortunate to have my studio at home where I am only steps from managing the wonderful chaos that is my life, chasing our dogs, holding down the house and stepping in to raise the kids who are mostly able now to care for themselves. 


I was raised in Los Angeles where I can mostly remember my Mother describing the world from a visual point of view in the most colorful manner. My Father, the conssumate business man provided the structure, but thankfully he was also at times able to be the most playful human. It was very early that they described me as an artist and it stuck. 


I have my AA degree from Santa Monica City College where I took ever artsy type of class. I studied Environmental Design at UCLA, but when I met my best friend, (my hubby) we left California and it was on one of our adventures that I earned my BFA degree from the University of Utah where I studied painting and drawing. We have since lived in 5 different states in the US and spent 3 years living abroad before we decided to come to Colorado.


My work is a cummulation of all the experiences and observations that I have had thus far. From the Pacific Ocean, the beach and all its sandy and salty glory where I spent my formative years to have recently lived across the pond in the English Countryside of Derbyshire, where I felt like I went back in time, buying fresh eggs and cheese from Farm shops, walking the fields in the lovely mud separated by the hedges and hand built granite walls. To now living in the sun that shines bright nearly 300 days a year, hiking, skiing and golfing. It all adds to what I most love to do. 


I am so fortunate that my whole family encourages me to follow my bliss. It is a dream come true and a passion fulfilled. I begin my abstracts with a playful sensibility. I add and subtract marks as I go resulting in a work that has some history. Creating this way provides a balance. I am a nut for technology and therefore I have learned how to draw using a digital format in addition to sketching on paper. I like to make prints and patterns and at times these make their way into my paintings. I do hope my work resonates and is visually compelling. It has to meet that requirement for myself to be satisfied.